Lanco International s.r.o.

Address: finanční a marketingová kancelář

Pod Všemi svatými 6

CZ – 301 00 Plzeň

storage West

CZ – 348 02 Bor – Vysočany

Lanco Automotive is selling a brand of Lanco International Ltd.

Dear ultimate consumer. We would like to inform you that Lanco Automotive is just a manufacturing company. We would like to ask you to make any queries to your dealer, who will be as a competent partner always available. Answers to most frequently asked questions can be found in our catalogue “Spare Parts”. For further questions please contact us.

Your contact to Lanco Automotive

Lanco Automotive is characterized not only by exemplary quality, but also by personal customer consultancy. We look forward to your questions regarding our products and production.

Sale Germany/Austria/Switzerland
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Please fill out the entire form for a specific offer. Your request will be filled immediately.

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We are pleased that you are interested in cooperation with Lanco Automotive. We are happy to discuss the various possibilities of cooperation with you. We look forward to your questions.

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